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Easy Tips to Manage your Medication

Easy Tips to Manage your Medication

To achieve wellness and health improvement, it is important to attend to your medications properly and on time. Yet, when caught up with daily tasks, we somehow forget to take them on its right schedule. How do we keep track of our medications successfully?

Ensuring health through exceptional pharmaceutical care, Prescription Center Pharmacy shares these easy tips on managing your medications.

  • Install pill reminder applications
    Take advantage of technology and install apps that will remind you of the time you’re supposed to take your medicines. Even when you’re inside the bus or in the middle of the meeting, a simple notification on your smartphone will help you be reminded. You can download apps like Medisafe Medication Reminder, Med Minder, PillPack, and more!
  • Use pill organizer
    There are seven compartments in a pill organizer for seven days a week. It is important to have your pills placed on the right day. Ask assistance from our retail pharmacy in Union City, New Jersey to help you understand the dosage, side effects, and other details you need to know about your medicine before taking them on its schedule.
  • List all your medications
    Make sure you have a detailed list of all the medications you need to take. Writing their side effects, allergies, name, and frequency will not only help you but also your doctors and pharmacists in keeping track of your medications.
  • Always check prescription labels
    Make it a habit to check the expiration dates and refill details at prescription details as often as possible. This will help you be more aware of whether you should get medical supplies before running out of drugs, avoiding the risk of missing your dosage. You can always call your pharmacy for a refill.

We are dedicated to properly educating clients on their prescription in order to better promote medication adherence. We also offer specialized medications to ensure that all our client’s medication needs are met. You can request the assistance of our compounding pharmacy in New Jersey. Should you have any other concerns, don’t hesitate to let us know.

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