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Simple Ways to Manage Gut Issues

Simple day-to-day unhealthy habits such as an insufficient amount of sleep, too much consumption of processed foods, and high-stress levels can negatively affect your gut health. An unhealthy gut may also give rise to other health issues in the brain, heart, immune system, and more. Prescription Center Pharmacy narrowed down some of the basic steps … Continue reading

Early Warning Signs and Symptoms of Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 diabetes affects a great number of adults and leads to serious medical conditions such as nerve damage, kidney damage, vision loss, and heart disease. A lot of people are asymptomatic; however, if you notice these early warning signs below, make sure to consult your physician so you can respond to the disease with … Continue reading

Generic Drugs: The Cost and Effect

It is known that generic drugs are cheaper than branded products. However, its effectivity is being questioned for the price you are paying. Are you compromising your health when you are saving up? With the goal of providing quality products and services, the Prescription Center Pharmacy details the benefits of buying generic drugs: Saves your pocket When … Continue reading

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Easy Tips to Manage your Medication

To achieve wellness and health improvement, it is important to attend to your medications properly and on time. Yet, when caught up with daily tasks, we somehow forget to take them on its right schedule. How do we keep track of our medications successfully? Ensuring health through exceptional pharmaceutical care, Prescription Center Pharmacy shares these easy tips … Continue reading

Improve Your Heart Health

One of the major factors of increasing the risk of heart diseases is having high cholesterol. There are numerous ways to help improve and maintain a normal cholesterol level. It can be through medication paired with a change of lifestyle. With us at Prescription Center Pharmacy, a Compounding Pharmacy in Union City, New Jersey, we … Continue reading

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Lifestyle Changes to Help Lower High Blood Pressure

It’s normal to be worried after knowing that you are diagnosed with high blood pressure. Here at Prescription Center Pharmacy, a Compounding Pharmacy in Union City, New Jersey, we care about your overall health, that is why we give you some ways and advice to help lower your blood pressure by having some changes in your lifestyle … Continue reading