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Pharmacy Blogs in Union City, New Jersey

Safety Tips for Properly Disposing Medications

When your medications are expired, or you no longer need them, it is essential to dispose of them properly. What’s safe for you might be harmful to someone else in the household, such as children, seniors, and pets. The best way to dispose of your unwanted, unused, or expired medications is through a drug take-back … Continue reading

Effective Strategies to Help Manage Migraine Pain

When a migraine attack sets in, you want some relief from pain. For some individuals, taking migraine medication from their local pharmacy can alleviate the pain. For others, however, medication may not be enough to alleviate their symptoms. As your trusted compounding pharmacy in New Jersey, we will share tips for managing migraine pain: Apply a warm or … Continue reading

The Flu Season: Common Respiratory Viruses

The holiday season is coming, and so is flu season. It usually starts in December and goes on until February. Everyone is advised to take precautions to avoid acquiring winter-related illnesses. Aside from common colds and flu viruses, here are the common respiratory viruses that people can acquire during this period: Rhinovirus Respiratory Syncytial Virus … Continue reading

Drug Misuse and Why They Happen

Drug misuse is when people take drugs not prescribed to them. This happens when they overdose, underdose, skip a dose, or stop and/or take medication at the wrong time. These practices are dangerous to your health. Sometimes, people are misguided when taking medications. They could be influenced by others or are simply misinformed. Taking a pill is … Continue reading

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How to Increase Medication Adherence

We all have a full schedule every day, juggling between work and home responsibilities. Given this, it makes sense why forgetting to take our medications is a typical occurrence. While this is harmless in some cases, it may pose health problems in others. For this reason, creating a strategy to remember to take one’s medications … Continue reading

Traveling Tips for People with Diabetes

While traveling is not as simple as it was before your diabetes diagnosis, this should not discourage you from doing so. Everyone could use a break now and then, and traveling is one of the best ways to do it, don’t you agree? If you’re worried about your diabetes care plan though, allow us at … Continue reading