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Things You Should Know About Fasting

What is fasting? To simply put it, fasting means to stop eating completely – or at least almost completely – for a certain amount of time. A fast can usually last from 12 to 24 hours, but some types can stretch for days at a time. Fasting has been around for centuries and is common … Continue reading

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Don’t Touch That, It’s My Mumps!

Mumps is a highly contagious viral infection. It is a vaccine-preventable viral infection transmitted by and affecting only humans. This is why getting your immunization from your nearest Compounding Pharmacy in Union City, New Jersey is important to avoid contracting the disease. While the salivary glands (specifically the parotid gland at the sides of the … Continue reading

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Make Sure You Have These Medications at Home (Part 2)

In case of medical emergencies, it is always important to be ready. We cannot predict what might occur in life, after all. This is why, in our previous blog, we have listed two out of the various medications that you and your family members, as well as your peers and other people you care about, … Continue reading

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Make Sure You Have These Medications at Home (Part 1)

Individuals who are living with unique health conditions such as age-related diseases, cognitive impairment, mobility limitations, and other forms of being infirmed are not the only ones who should have some medications stocked in their medicine cabinets at home. Likewise, you do not have to be ill to equip your home with Medical Supplies in … Continue reading

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Things You Need to Know About Brittle Diabetes

Brittle diabetes is defined by the National Center for Advancing Transitional Sciences as the “hard-to-control” diabetes or the “labile diabetes.” This type of diabetes is characterized by large swings in blood glucose levels where a patient’s levels can swiftly transition from too high to too low. These episodes can be difficult to predict and can … Continue reading

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Helpful Tips in Managing Your Heart Health

The majority of people have never been to med school, therefore, they do not have the proper knowledge and ability to diagnose illnesses or heart problems. With our without a medicine degree, we all know how heart health is important. As such, doing what you can to monitor this could help you avoid turning into … Continue reading

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