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Pharmacy Blogs in Union City, New Jersey

What Is It like to Live with Diabetes?

Diabetes is a condition best characterized by uncontrolled levels of glucose in the blood. This is because diabetes fails to either produce or use insulin efficiently. Without insulin, the body cannot regulate glucose. As a compounding pharmacy in New Jersey, we know the dangers that this condition poses. Untreated diabetes can be deadly. It can … Continue reading

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The Importance of Communicating with Your Medical Providers

Plenty of health practitioners and institutions contribute to our health. Whenever we face a medical problem, we turn to doctors for their medical opinion. We go to a pharmacy for our medications. And nurses monitor our health during treatments. These professionals work together to ensure that our health is at its best. Our role now, … Continue reading

How to Manage Blood Sugar at Home

Diabetes is a tricky disease. It doesn’t necessarily show its symptoms until it’s already too late. However, once you become aware of your diabetes diagnosis, it becomes easier to manage. With the help of your healthcare team, family, and medication plan, it can be controlled. Here’s how you can keep your blood sugar level within … Continue reading

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Why You Should Visit a Pharmacy

If you have recently been given prescription medications for your health problems and you have no idea what those medicines are for, there’s no need to worry. You can go to your nearest pharmacy and ask the pharmacists and pharmacy technicians working there your questions directly! Pharmacists are qualified healthcare professionals and can readily help … Continue reading

How Compounding Can Help Your Medication Management

At times, patients are unable to take medications as is due to certain reasons, it could be that they are allergic to a medicine’s components or that the prescription from the doctor requires a certain number of doses or specialized doses that are not present in premade medicines. Compounding services from pharmacies help address these … Continue reading

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Putting Safety in Your Medical Prescriptions.

We are constantly stressing the importance of having a doctor’s or specialists’ prescription when it comes to drug medication for illnesses and diseases. This is to ensure and monitor if we are taking the right dosage. In addition, it is also best if we maintain constant communication and continuously talking to our doctors when it … Continue reading