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How to Increase Medication Adherence

We all have a full schedule every day, juggling between work and home responsibilities. Given this, it makes sense why forgetting to take our medications is a typical occurrence. While this is harmless in some cases, it may pose health problems in others. For this reason, creating a strategy to remember to take one’s medications … Continue reading

Traveling Tips for People with Diabetes

While traveling is not as simple as it was before your diabetes diagnosis, this should not discourage you from doing so. Everyone could use a break now and then, and traveling is one of the best ways to do it, don’t you agree? If you’re worried about your diabetes care plan though, allow us at … Continue reading

Top Questions to Ask Your Pharmacists

Do you have medication-related questions after your physician prescribes your medication? Medications can get complicated, and without proper medication management, they could affect your overall health. Pharmacists play an essential role in the healthcare system and you can always ask them for assistance in your next medication purchase. The next time you visit the pharmacy, … Continue reading

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Medication Management Tips for Seniors

Whether you’re approaching your senior years or taking care of a senior loved one, be extra careful when taking prescription and over-the-counter medicines. Your body handles medications differently, increasing your chances of developing potential complications as you age. To guide you with proper medication management, check out these tips below. Take medication as prescribed. Does … Continue reading

FAQs About Pharmaceutical Compounding

These days, it’s too easy to be misled by fake news due to the influx of information available on the internet. When it comes to your health and safety, however, you must take extra precautions to make sure that your resources are credible. Here at Prescription Center Pharmacy, a trusted retail pharmacy in Union City, … Continue reading

What to Ask Your Pharmacists When Purchasing Medicine

Whenever you purchase medicines, you must make a habit of asking essential questions before stepping out of the pharmacy. By learning all there is to know about their administration, dosages, and possible interactions, you can guarantee that you’ll be able to maximize the benefits of such medications. If you’re not unsure what to ask, allow … Continue reading