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Generic Drugs: The Cost and Effect

Generic Drugs: The Cost and Effect

It is known that generic drugs are cheaper than branded products. However, its effectivity is being questioned for the price you are paying. Are you compromising your health when you are saving up?

With the goal of providing quality products and services, the Prescription Center Pharmacy details the benefits of buying generic drugs:

  • Saves your pocket

    When you are in a list of medications, the money will eventually be an issue. Buying expensive branded meds will cost you money multiplied by its dosage for your health improvement.

    “Generic drugs are copies of brand-name drugs that have exactly the same dosage, intended use, effects, side effects, route of administration, risks, safety, and strength as the original drug.” –MedicineNet

    If you are saving, you can buy quality generic drugs and other medical supplies from our pharmacy. Effectivity is not in question for its price.

  • Easy finds

    There is a surprisingly large number of popular medications with high-quality generic equivalents. There are over 120,000 generic drugs available to consumers. Visit our retail pharmacy in Union City, New Jersey to be guided properly on which generic product is suitable for your health condition. The pharmacists will provide only the best product to improve your well-being.

  • Assured effectivity

    It is always a concern raised whether effectivity is compromised for less expensive products. The FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) requires that generic drugs be as safe and effective as brand-name drugs. The same standards are applied to all drug manufacturing facilities, and many companies manufacture both brand-name and generic drugs.

Talk to the experts in our compounding pharmacy in New Jersey know more about generic plans so they can provide affordable and generic solutions.

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