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How to Manage Blood Sugar at Home


Diabetes is a tricky disease. It doesn’t necessarily show its symptoms until it’s already too late. However, once you become aware of your diabetes diagnosis, it becomes easier to manage. With the help of your healthcare team, family, and medication plan, it can be controlled.

Here’s how you can keep your blood sugar level within the recommended range:

  • Eliminate sweet, sugary food from your diet
    If there’s one type of food that you need to control, it’s sweet and sugary food and beverages. These can cause your blood sugar to rise quickly. They are rich in calories but only offer little nutrition. Instead of your regular sweetened-carbonated drink, your local pharmacy may have healthier alternatives to keep you energized and healthy throughout the day.
  • Keep moving
    Regular exercise can help break down the glucose (blood sugar) in your body and convert them into energy. This is a great way to help your body make use of insulin more efficiently and effectively.
  • Proper medication
    For more serious cases of diabetes, complications may arise and would require you to take medication. Ensure that you’re taking only what’s prescribed to you. You may visit our retail pharmacy in Union City, New Jersey to learn about proper medication management and intake.
  • Avoid getting stressed
    Prolonged stress may lead to elevated blood sugar in your body. It would also make it difficult for you to keep track of your routine, as you are under pressure. So, it’s important to keep your stress levels in check.

If you want to know more about diabetes management, visit Prescription Center Pharmacy. We are a compounding pharmacy in New Jersey that’s ready to assist you with what you need. Call us now.

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