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What Is It like to Live with Diabetes?


Diabetes is a condition best characterized by uncontrolled levels of glucose in the blood. This is because diabetes fails to either produce or use insulin efficiently. Without insulin, the body cannot regulate glucose. As a compounding pharmacy in New Jersey, we know the dangers that this condition poses.

Untreated diabetes can be deadly. It can lead to heavy nerve and kidney damage. Severe cases can also lead to foot amputation.

Diabetes is deadly, but it is also highly treatable. Many people live happy lives despite this condition. Of course, they have to make several adjustments to their lives to ensure they treat it successfully.

One of the things they need to do daily is to monitor their blood glucose levels. There are blood glucose meters that can be easily used at home to help them do this. They need to monitor their levels before and after meals. Doing this can help them regulate their sugar consumption.

Speaking of sugar consumption, people who are experiencing diabetes need to be wary of what they eat. Food and drinks with high levels of sugar should be avoided. It can be hard to bring down their sugar levels once it spikes. So it’s best to avoid sugar-loaded meals.

Some patients with severe cases may also need to inject insulin regularly. Insulin can be available at any pharmacy. Doing this can help patients regulate their glucose levels.

Diabetes needs intense monitoring. Make sure you treat it well with medication and supplies from us here at Prescription Center Pharmacy. We are a retail pharmacy in Union City, New Jersey, and we want to help you achieve a better state of health. Call us today to learn more about our services!

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