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What Happens After Medication Shelf Life


Expiration dates are the dates at which the manufacturers can confidently ensure the efficacy and quality of their products. The laws require them to stamp these dates on their packaging. This measure is to know when it is safe for people’s consumption and when they can still keep them on their shelves. So after shelf life, people should throw them properly.

The same goes for pharmacies. Do you wonder if medicines in their stores expire? Yes, they do!

They store significant amounts of medicinal products in different brands and variants. However, when the drugs reach expiration dates, the store must dispose of them immediately. And here are some ways our Pharmacy does that:

  • Send unopened packages to a reverse drug distributor

  • Take the items to a reputable waste management company.

  • It is crucial to segregate the pharmaceuticals according to type to identify potentially hazardous wastes and their quantity.

You can do this at home too. In addition to the options above, you can bring your disposables to drug send-back locations such as hospital or clinic pharmacies, your local Retail Pharmacy in Union City, New Jersey, and law enforcement facilities.

Although many don’t recommend such, you can also flush some kinds of drugs into the toilet. You can base it on FDA flush list before doing so.

Keep the community safe by correct waste management. Coordinate with a nearby Compounding Pharmacy in New Jersey for proper pharmaceutical waste disposal.

And if you require quality medicines and supplies, Prescription Center Pharmacy is the only place to go.

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