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Top Questions to Ask Your Pharmacists


Do you have medication-related questions after your physician prescribes your medication? Medications can get complicated, and without proper medication management, they could affect your overall health. Pharmacists play an essential role in the healthcare system and you can always ask them for assistance in your next medication purchase. The next time you visit the pharmacy, ask the questions below.

  • What is this medication?
    It’s an essential question, yet we tend to skip it. Ask for the medication name and inform your physician or pharmacist about other medications you are taking. Keep a list of your medications, their dosages, your scheduled visits to a compounding pharmacy in New Jersey, and necessary details.
  • What does this medication do?
    Be informed about the specific uses of your medication. This way, you can set your expectations and have a realistic idea of what it can do for you. If you have taken the wrong dose, let your physician know.
  • How long should I take this medication?
    There are medications you should take for a certain period and there are other medications you need to take long-term. Asking your physician or pharmacist how long you will take your prescription will help you prepare for a lifestyle change.

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