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Your Loved Ones Want You to Know About Their Migraine Pains

According to the American Migraine Association, approximately 38 million Americans suffer from migraines. Moreover, at least one in every four American households live with someone who has experienced migraines.

Chances are, your loved ones are one of them.
Here are some things your loved ones might want you to know about their migraine pains:

  • Do not call it a simple headache.
    Migraines are intense, recurring, and debilitating neurological conditions that affect people of all ages. They bring multiple symptoms, including dizziness, extreme sensitivity to light and sound, and numbness or prickling sensations in certain body parts.
    These symptoms can last for hours or several days. For some people, they just never end.
  • Do not question the existence of migraines.
    Having migraines can be a very lonely experience for your loved ones because of the lack of understanding about what they are going through. Migraines can interrupt their daily lives, so showing your support can really make a difference.
  • Migraine attacks usually cannot be prevented.
    Treatments for them are also imperfect. Researchers have not yet identified what truly causes migraines. But there are possible triggers. There are people who can identify a single factor that can trigger their attack, but for most, multiple triggers are unavoidable (e.g., hormonal changes). Although there are available drugs for treating migraines, they have limited effectiveness since different people respond differently.

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