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Reasons for Recalling Medicinal Products


Pharmaceuticals are not always perfect. There will be instances when manufacturers commit errors in some aspects of drug formulation, and we should be aware of that.

The next thing to do after discovering discrepancies in drug production is to recall the batch. The manufacturing company must publicly announce the details, including where people can send the items back.

Why do manufacturers need to do that?

  • They need to investigate where the error took place. They need to know the potential hazards the defective medicines might cause.
  • They need to dispose of them properly.
  • They need to get reports from users and identify any side effects.

Any adverse effects the defective drugs can cause are the sole liability of the makers. They may need to face charges if poisoning or fatal side effects occur.

Should you be affected by a drug recall, call the Pharmacy where you bought the product or the hotline the manufacturing company will provide.

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