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Pharmacy Blogs in Union City, New Jersey

Improving Diabetes Through Proper Disease Management

One of the most common chronic health diseases among aging adults is diabetes. It is a serious condition that occurs when there is higher than normal blood glucose or blood sugar levels. Since there is yet a cure for diabetes, this disease can still be treated and controlled with proper diabetes management through the pharmacist … Continue reading

The Benefits of Vitamin E

Vitamins play an essential role in our daily lives. Most of our bodies’ natural processes are aided by or require specific vitamins. One vital vitamin that is mostly overlooked is Vitamin E. Any modern pharmacy has stocks of Vitamin E supplements, and you should know why. Vitamin E is an antioxidant. It helps protect cell … Continue reading

Importance of Compounding to Pain Management

Pain management in pharmacies is complex. Different types of pain require different types of approach pain management and the supplements needed to help. At Prescription Center Pharmacy, a reliable Retail Pharmacy in Union City, New Jersey, we provide you the importance of compounding to pain management. A compounding pharmacy can create unique pain medications to … Continue reading

Easier Way to Follow Medication Responsibilities

A lot of people, especially to seniors, have a hard time taking their medicines religiously. Aside from forgetting, one of the most common factors is they struggle to understand which medicine to take a specific time. At Prescription Center Pharmacy, a Retail Pharmacy in Union City, New Jersey, we have packaging services that will make this easier … Continue reading

Paying Medicines Through Money Orders

With our current situation, doing payment transactions might be a challenge to many customers. As a solution, dependable pharmacies, like us, are now accepting payments via money orders for a selection of pharmaceutical services in New Jersey. This way, you can pay for your prescriptions more conveniently.   Where to get money orders? Instead of paying personally at stores or through checks, a … Continue reading

Medicare Coverage for Medical Supplies

When you are looking for medical supplies in New Jersey, check out if the pharmacy accepts Medicare plans to cover your needs. Healthcare supplies, such as durable medical equipment, are necessary for patients with limited physical mobility. If you have insurance coverage, it doesn’t only make your pharmaceutical needs cheaper, but it also gives you … Continue reading