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Pharmacy Blogs in Union City, New Jersey

Distinction Between Brand Name and Generic Drugs

To ensure the effectiveness and safety of your treatment, your doctor will almost always prescribe name-brand drugs when treating you or a loved one. But what if you can get the medicine from your local pharmacy for a fraction of the price? Which one should you pick? Consumers typically select between brand names and generics … Continue reading

Why You Should Store Your Medications Properly

Medicines can positively impact people’s lives but can also cause harm if they fall into the wrong hands or are misused. Drugs, both prescribed and over-the-counter, can be ineffective or even lethal when exposed to light, dampness, or severe temperatures. You can put some of your medications in the refrigerator and store other medicines in … Continue reading

What Happens After Medication Shelf Life

Expiration dates are the dates at which the manufacturers can confidently ensure the efficacy and quality of their products. The laws require them to stamp these dates on their packaging. This measure is to know when it is safe for people’s consumption and when they can still keep them on their shelves. So after shelf … Continue reading

Reasons for Recalling Medicinal Products

Pharmaceuticals are not always perfect. There will be instances when manufacturers commit errors in some aspects of drug formulation, and we should be aware of that. The next thing to do after discovering discrepancies in drug production is to recall the batch. The manufacturing company must publicly announce the details, including where people can send … Continue reading

Why Trust Us with Your Pharmaceutical Needs?

We all want to be healthy and have a strong immune system so that we are not susceptible to illnesses, especially given what is going on in our world right now. Aside from eating a good diet and exercising every day, it is also necessary to keep in mind your medications and vitamins if you … Continue reading

Head to a Pharmacy Before a Doctor’s Office When…

Did you know that you can visit a retail pharmacy in Union City, New Jersey for reasons other than buying or getting your medicines refilled? Probably not! You may be overlooking a health expert for minor aches and pains: your local pharmacist. Though pharmacists cannot diagnose illnesses or prescribe medications, they can provide helpful advice … Continue reading

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