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Medication Management Tips for Seniors


Whether you’re approaching your senior years or taking care of a senior loved one, be extra careful when taking prescription and over-the-counter medicines. Your body handles medications differently, increasing your chances of developing potential complications as you age. To guide you with proper medication management, check out these tips below.

  • Take medication as prescribed.
    Does your health provider have special instructions for your medication? Make sure to follow instructions religiously. Are you experiencing potential side effects? Let your physician know as soon as possible. Most importantly, purchase your medications from a reliable and trusted pharmacy.
  • Store medications properly.
    To keep your medicines safe and effective, read the specific storage instructions and store them properly. Most medications are best when stored up and away in a cool and dry place. You may also ask a pharmacist from a compounding pharmacy in New Jersey for proper storage instructions.
  • Check for medication interactions/side effects.
    Are you experiencing memory difficulties, dizziness These could be signs of medication side effects. If you’re experiencing new health problems, ask your healthcare provider.

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