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How Soluble Fiber Helps With Cholesterol


Monitoring and managing cholesterol levels are common tasks for health-conscious people or those with medical conditions. And when cholesterol levels get increasingly high, we need to do something to bring it back within the normal range.

One way to manage cholesterol is by consuming foods with high soluble fibers.

Soluble fibers act as a binding agent – it binds the cholesterol into the small intestine. The cholesterol is prevented from entering your bloodstream and traveling to the rest of the body. With the fiber attached to the cholesterol particles, the unwanted material will exit our body as fecal matter.

Without soluble fibers, nothing can stop the cholesterol from entering our bloodstream and accumulating in the different parts of our body. But with this police officer, your cholesterol levels are kept in check.

So, where can you get soluble fiber? Many healthy foods contain soluble fiber. You can improve your diet to include whole grains, legumes, vegetables, and fruits. By using these ingredients in the meal you are cooking, you should be able to obtain the recommended levels of soluble fiber.

While eating healthy is a more sustainable and natural way to obtain fiber, you may also ask your Pharmacy about fiber supplements. However, take note that these supplements should never be a substitute for eating healthy.

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