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How Seniors Can Keep Track of Their Medication Routine


Medication management is crucial to senior overall health and wellness. Whether taking multiple medications or undergoing monitoring through diabetic supplies, there are several ways to keep track of their medication routine. Read more below.

  • Keep a list.
    What should be on the list of medications? Write down everything, such as prescriptions, over-the-counter medications, herbal remedies, and vitamins and supplements, from a pharmacy in New Jersey. Don’t forget to add the medication dosage and frequency to ensure all information is handy.
  • Check your medications regularly.
    Reviewing medication can help you in the loop, especially if you visit a new doctor. Check for all the possible side effects and drug interactions to avoid complications. If your new doctor recommends a compounding pharmacy in New Jersey, let your resident physician know about any new medications that you are taking.
  • Know about OTC medicines.
    When you want to get over-the-counter medications at a retail pharmacy in Union City, New Jersey, ask the pharmacist about the correct dose for seniors. Some OTC medications may have labels for children or younger adults, but none for seniors. Keep your senior safety in mind. And remember to ask before purchasing anything.

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