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Helping Your Elderly with Medication Management


Keeping track of your senior loved one’s meds is critical to their overall health. The truth is that taking several drugs is a way of life for the majority of seniors. However, taking it properly is critical for treating medical issues and managing symptoms. Putting in place a simple system and attending to the essentials helps seniors avoid frequent medication errors such as taking the wrong drug, missing doses, or taking more than advised.

Here are some tips suggested by Prescription Center Pharmacy in helping your seniors with their medications.

  • List All Medications, Supplements and OTC Drugs
    If medications, vitamins, and supplements are kept in distinct locations, it’s easy to lose track of what’s being taken. To stay organized and ensure drug safety, keep all of their current pill bottles and packaging in a clear plastic storage bin.
  • Understanding Medication Side Effects
    Be aware of potential side effects and drug interactions to identify any health changes that may occur after your elderly loved one begins a new medicine, raises their dosage, or combines medications. If you see any changes, contact their doctor immediately away.
  • Partner with a Reliable Pharmacy
    It’s essential to receive refills timely so your elderly loved one doesn’t miss any doses. The most convenient solution is to ask the doctor to prescribe a 90-day supply through a mail-order pharmacy, ensuring that the medication is shipped directly to your loved one. Many retail pharmacies in Union City also provide automatic refills and will inform you when your prescription is ready to be picked up.

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