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Goiter: Types, Risks, and How to Prevent It

Goiter: Types, Risks, and How to Prevent It

Our thyroid gland helps in secreting hormones that regulate bodily functions. This includes metabolism, heart rate, and respiration, among others. However, when you lack iodine in the body or even produce above normal iodine, it could lead to a condition called “Goiter.” 

There are different types of goiter, namely:

  • Simple goiters – when your thyroid gland doesn’t make enough hormones
  • Endemic goiters – caused by the lack of iodine in the body
  • Nontoxic goiter – triggered by certain drugs and conditions
  • Toxic nodular or multinodular goiter – linked to hyperthyroidism, which means there are too much thyroid hormones in the body

You may be at risk of a goiter if you:

  • Don’t get enough iodine in your diet
  • Have a condition that lowers the iodine in your body
  • Are going through a pregnancy or menopause
  • Are pregnant or going through menopause
  • Are female as women have a higher risk for goiter than men

Treatment for the disease usually involves observation, medication, and surgery. Partnering with a reliable pharmacy for your medications can help manage the disease better. 

You can prevent goiter by ensuring you have enough iodine in your body. Visit your doctor regularly to check on your body’s condition, so they can see if you are at risk of goiter or other thyroid problems like hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism.

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