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Getting the Most Out of Your Pharmacy Visit


Whether you are visiting a nearby Pharmacy or taking a trip to your preferred store, getting the most of every visit can help you gain more. Here are some tips that can help save time and resources for your visit.

  • Prepare ahead. Before leaving your doctor’s office, ensure that your prescription is filled. Check the name, dose, quantity, directions, and other instructions before heading out. You can also ask your doctor about other medication options.
  • Check with insurance. Find out if the prescribed medicine is covered by your insurance plan. You can discuss this with your doctor and the insurance agent or find ways about funding the payment. Either way, knowing if this is fully, partially, or not covered by your policy will prevent surprises later on.
  • Ask for instructions. Check with your store when the prescription is ready for pick up otherwise you may have to wait for some time when you finally make your visit. You can also ask for a copy of the instructions and other details.
  • Stock on the necessities. Aside from your prescription, think about all the necessary supplies that may run out soon – or items you have not yet bought. For example, is your hygiene kit complete? Do you have enough bandaids for first aid response? Is your over-the-counter fever medicine running out?

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