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FAQs About Pharmaceutical Compounding


These days, it’s too easy to be misled by fake news due to the influx of information available on the internet. When it comes to your health and safety, however, you must take extra precautions to make sure that your resources are credible.

Here at Prescription Center Pharmacy, a trusted retail pharmacy in Union City, New Jersey, we not only strive to serve our community through our services. Beyond that, we also prioritize making reliable information accessible to everyone who might need it.

As a high-quality compounding pharmacy in New Jersey, allow us to share a few common questions about pharmaceutical compounding, along with the truth behind them:

  • What exactly is compounding, as well as its purpose?
    Compounding is the process by which a qualified pharmacist creates a pharmaceutical preparation—a drug—to match a patient’s specific needs. Certain pharmacists offer compounding services whenever a commercially accessible medicine does not fulfill those needs.
  • What is a compounding pharmacy?
    While most pharmacies offer some level of compounding, the majority of compounding is done at a pharmacy that has invested in the necessary equipment and expertise to do so safely and effectively.
  • Is there any specific training required for a compounding pharmacist?
    Compounding is an essential part of pharmaceutical practice. Pharmacists undergo training to compound medications correctly in pharmacy school, and many states evaluate pharmacists’ compounding knowledge and abilities before granting them a license.

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