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Debunking Common Misconceptions About Medications


As the years go by, the use of medication has evolved frequently and unfortunately, the more it advances, the more medication myths are rising. What made it worse is that more and more people are believing and even practicing these myths for years. Relying on “medication myths” can cause serious health problems and even with some long-lasting effects.

Here are several common misconceptions about medications that you should stop believing:

  • Myth: Nonprescription medications are safer compared to prescription medications.
    Truth: All medications have the potential to cause harm. Just taking more than a medication’s recommended dose can give serious effects on your body such as stomach bleeding. That is why you always need to be careful with the dosage of your medications. It doesn’t mean that the more dose you take, the faster you will recover faster. It will only put your life in danger.
  • Myth: If it works for the, surely it will also work for me.
    Truth: Just because that certain medication is effective for that one person, it will work for you as well. That is often not the case. The effect of a medication on an individual usually depends on many factors like the weight, gender, race, current medical conditions, etc. Before purchasing a medication, make sure to ask the pharmacist from your trusted Retail Pharmacy in Union City, New Jersey first to know if the medication is compatible for you to take.

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