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Medications Seniors Should Avoid or Use with Caution

For the majority of people, health problems increase in frequency as they grow older. It requires a large number of medications, each with its own set of instructions and possible side effects, to address such health concerns. As a result, the AGS Beers Criteria (also known as the Beers list) was developed by the American … Continue reading

Debunking Common Misconceptions About Medications

As the years go by, the use of medication has evolved frequently and unfortunately, the more it advances, the more medication myths are rising. What made it worse is that more and more people are believing and even practicing these myths for years. Relying on “medication myths” can cause serious health problems and even with … Continue reading

Importance of Knowing Your Medications

Your medications are crucial for your overall health. Regularly taking medications prescribed by your healthcare provider and on time is very important for treating many types of temporary illnesses and controlling chronic conditions. Your doctor prescribed it for a reason, which is for the good of your health and safety. Listen carefully to your healthcare … Continue reading