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Avoid the Risks of Overmedication and Harmful Side Effects


According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, people over age 65 are twice as likely as younger people to visit the emergency room due to dangerous drug responses and seven times more likely to be admitted to the hospital. Fortunately, many harmful medication responses can be avoided if proper precautions are taken.

As a trusted retail pharmacy in Union City, New Jersey, Prescription Center Pharmacy aims to help in ensuring the health of every individual in the entire community by giving some helpful advice to avoid the risk of overdosing and dangerous drug side effects:

  • Consult your doctor or pharmacist before buying any over-the-counter drug or supplement in the pharmacy, as these substances may interact with your current prescription prescriptions or cause an overdose if taken incorrectly.
  • Dosage, time, and place for each drug should always be written down and reviewed periodically to see if any are no longer necessary or can be reduced to a lower amount.
  • Always follow the directions on the label of the medication you are taking. Unless your doctor tells you otherwise, you should not stop taking your prescription simply because you feel better. Make sure you know how, when, and how long to take the prescription.

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