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5 Common Migraine Triggers You Shouldn’t Ignore


Migraines can be debilitating, affecting millions worldwide. Identifying triggers is crucial for managing this condition effectively.

As your trusted partner in health, Prescription Center Pharmacy, a leading retail and compounding pharmacy in New Jersey, is here to shed light on the five common migraine triggers.

  • Dietary Culprits

    Certain foods and beverages can be notorious migraine triggers. Our well-established pharmacy in New Jersey recommends monitoring your diet for potential culprits such as aged cheeses, caffeine, and artificial sweeteners.

  • Stress and Hormonal Changes

    Stress and hormonal fluctuations are significant contributors to migraines. As your go-to retail pharmacy in Union City, New Jersey, we offer a compassionate approach to support your well-being.

  • Environmental Factors

    Weather changes, strong odors, and bright lights are known environmental triggers. Visit Prescription Center Pharmacy for personalized and practical solutions.

  • Medication Triggers

    Special packaging of medications plays a crucial role in preventing migraines triggered by certain drugs. Our pharmacy in New Jersey emphasizes the importance of discussing your medication history to ensure compatibility. You can also explore options like our specialized generic plan for migraine management.

  • Sleep Patterns

    Disrupted sleep patterns or lack of sleep can trigger migraines. Our team encourages you to prioritize a consistent sleep schedule and explore sleep aids available to promote restful nights.

Prescription Center Pharmacy is committed to providing personalized pharmaceutical services to enhance your well-being. Trust us for your prescription needs, specialized compounding services, and tailored solutions for migraine management. Your journey to a migraine-free life begins with us!


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